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At DVR Metal, we specialise in laser cutting, tube cutting and production services for a range of projects and industries.

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What We Do

Focusing on the fabrication of quality sheet metal components we’re a tight knit team capable of high quality production. We’re known for our commitment to quality assurance and end results our customers can rely on.

For almost 50 years DVR Metal has been regarded as a leading provider in our industry.

Our services are highly regarded for efficiency and a commitment to excellence that can’t be surpassed. Just some of what we’re capable of includes:

Design Development & Drafting

Together we bring your concept to life and ensure it works. Our skilled team at DVR have the capacity to design and deliver the most bespoke and creatively challenging products, manufactured to the highest industry standards. By combining requirements with our application knowledge and experience, and using the latest technology CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) to produce prototypes you can trust.


Based in our state of the art facility, we use cutting edge technology to assist us in ensuring your product is of the highest quality. With precision management, an eye for detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction that can’t be beaten, you can’t go past DVR Metal Industries.


We’re dedicated to our customers’ specific needs and providing you with a quality product when you need it and as quickly as we can without compromising on quality. For this reason we keep detailed notes on file and access to software to ensure your production process runs as smoothly as possible.


Our Precision Services

3D Design & Drafting

With a team of dedicated qualified engineers, DVR can take care of all your 3D design and drafting requirements. DVR’s experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art fabrication machinery deliver high-quality results for our clients, and our quality control and delivery procedures ensure your product arrives in mint condition anywhere in Australia.

Our core business is focused on the production of precision sheet metal components and customised structural fabricated parts. We have a proven track record in reducing design cycle time and costs for technical and complex sheet metal solutions while still focusing on quality and reliability. We are trusted with highly confidential contracts.

CNC Laser Cutting

Using only the latest version of 4.0 Cadman, we aim to reduce waste and improve our turnaround times.

We provide custom laser cutting for one-off projects or batch orders and deliver cost-competitive, high quality laser cut parts consistently and to our customers’ exacting technical requirements. We work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are able to cut up to 6mm in stainless steel, 4mm in aluminium and up to 15mm in mild steel.

With software import capabilities from DXF and DWG files, CAD designs quickly become finished parts as our software driven CNC laser cutting equipment quickly and efficiently process them, leaving minimal waste.

DVR’s ability to cut thinner gauge material increases the high level of intricacy and accuracy when delivering precision Laser cutting in the manufacture of small, through to large part orders – all made from flat sheet metal.

Our Phoenix fibre laser cutting machine is an all-around performer. It has the flexibility to expertly cut standard steels and non-ferrous materials in a range of thicknesses and combines high machine dynamics, intuitive machine operation, and advanced automation options to maximise productivity no matter the application. The inherent benefits of fibre laser technology make Phoenix cost effective to maintain and operate.

CNC Sheet Metal Folding

We have the most advanced LVD brake pressing machines, with precise folds of products up to 3000 mm in length.

Our technologically advanced press brake machines (in conjunction with our meticulous operators) bend sheet metal and sheet metal components to accommodate a multitude of design profiles.

We guarantee to provide the highest efficiency and quality standards with our sheet metal folding service including the LVD Toolcell, with a 3000mm long capability and 135 ton capacity, is one of the most efficient CNC folding machines in the market today.

Our CNC-controlled folding operations have the capacity to set-up multiple tools on the brake press beam, eliminating downtime for tooling changes in a single-handed operation. Such efficiencies in reduced machine operator handling times means further cost reductions being passed on to our customers. We have an extensive range of press brake tools in stock allowing us to undertake unusual bending and folding operations and provide more cost effective and efficient production output for our customers’ projects. Serviced and maintained to the highest quality and safety standards our brake press folding equipment provides efficient, accurate and consistent manufacturing with perfect results every time.


Our production services are second to none. From design and planning to a finished product, you can’t go past us. We understand the unique requirements from a product, service and industry ‘working standards’ perspective.

Our design, manufacturing and engineering excellence, end-to-end project experience, and commitment to safety, innovation and continuous improvement is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We have a proven track record in delivering quality controlled products, to exacting standards across mining, oil and gas, military, medical and construction industry sectors to name but a few.

Our practical, safe and effective working methods, combined with our meticulous service and maintenance schedules support your large, small and complex projects 24/7. We are proud of our operating efficiencies, safety record and continuous efforts to deliver reliable, productive and safe working environments for our staff and customer projects.

Quality Control & Delivery

DVR uses proven 5S methodologies developed in Japan and was identified as one of the techniques that enabled Just in Time manufacturing. Our 5S proven strategies ensure the enhancement of your products. This is done by focusing on staff satisfaction, productivity, and proper policies and procedures.


Why Choose Us?

Why choose us? It’s simple. DVR Metal is the best in the business, with a commitment to fostering lifelong partnerships in metal fabrication, cutting and lasering that can’t be surpassed.

When we work with our clients we cultivate relationships that last a lifetime and our commitment to excellence is proof that a business such as ours can produce high quality results with the family business-feel you know you can trust.

We value relationships and work in partnership with our customers and their extended engineering networks to find the right solution, first time.Our team is made up of a diverse group of experienced office staff and qualified designers, engineers and craftsmen from across a broad services base. Our qualified tradespeople, equipped with the latest technologically advanced manufacturing equipment, combine their skills, experience and leading edge apparatus to ensure we meet our customers’ needs to the exacting technical and financial requirements.

Talk to us about how our metal fabrication team can assist you. Contact DVR’s experienced team today.


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