Experts in Quality Control & Delivery

At DVR Metal Industries, we take quality control and delivery of our metal fabrication services seriously.
To work with a leading provider in the industry with almost 50 years’ experience, get in touch with the team today.


Our Quality Control & Delivery Promise

DVR uses proven 5S methodologies developed in Japan and was identified as one of the techniques that enabled Just in Time manufacturing. Our 5S proven strategies ensure the enhancement of your products. This is done by:

Focusing on staff satisfaction


Proper policies and procedures


Why Choose Us?

Why choose us? It’s simple. DVR Metal is the best in the business, with a commitment to fostering lifelong partnerships in metal fabrication, cutting and lasering that can’t be surpassed.

When we work with our clients we cultivate relationships that last a lifetime and our commitment to excellence is proof that a business such as ours can produce high quality results with the family business-feel you know you can trust.

We value relationships and work in partnership with our customers and their extended engineering networks to find the right solution, first time. Our team is made up of a diverse group of experienced office staff and qualified designers, engineers and craftsmen from across a broad services base.

Our qualified tradespeople, equipped with the latest technologically advanced manufacturing equipment, combine their skills, experience and leading edge apparatus to ensure we meet our customers’ needs to the exacting technical and financial requirements.

When you value quality control and delivery of metal fabrication services, contact DVR Metal Industries.


19 McRoyle Street
Wacol QLD 4076


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